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Zoo Fencing – Zoos and Wildlife Parks

For over 40 years CLD Fencing Systems has been at the forefront of fencing systems for some of the major zoos and wildlife parks around the world. our range of specific zoological fencing systems and gates has been designed to offer the highest levels of security and safety for both the animals and visitors, our most popular Zoo Fencing is our DULOK Zoo Fencing which has been modified with a wealth of custom features that make it specific for zoo Fencing.

Zoo Fencing

The security and safety of your visitors and animals is the highest priority when it comes to looking at how you can update your animal enclosures to meet the demand of being a modern zoo or wildlife park. Visitors no longer want to be separated from the animals but instead want to feel like the enclosure is a part of the attraction. At CLD Fencing Systems we have worked hard to develop a range of fencing systems that provide both open viewing and safety at the same time.

Our Fencing features at a number of high profile Zoos and Wildlife Parks around the world including; ZSL London Zoo, Chester Zoo and Gardens, Folly Farm and was used on the first Polar Bear enclosure at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Our Double Wire Dulok Zoo Fencing features 6mm vertical wires with 2 8mm horizontal wire, welded back to back which not only gives added security but also strength to the fencing system. This allows it to be used with many different animal types and all can be topped with Electric Wire systems and upgraded at any time.

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