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Any parent leaving a child at the school gates in the morning should know that their little one will be safe and well looked after during the day. And one of the ways to achieve this, providing peace of mind for both parents and staff, is to have high quality perimeter fencing for your school.


Separating the school grounds from any surrounding land or houses is important, as it lets passers by know if they access those grounds without prior consent, their entry is unauthorised.


Anyone entering the grounds defined by the perimeter fencing for your school could be putting staff and students at risk, so it’s important that the fencing is substantial enough to create that deterrent.

  • Why do you need perimeter fencing for your school?


    During term-time and school opening hours, the teachers and educational authority have a legal responsibility towards their pupils in their care, as well as staff, visitors and parents, and as such, security perimeter fencing plays an important role.

    Primarily for the protection of pupils, teachers and staff, perimeter fencing for your school can actually enhance the aesthetic of the area and make it a more attractive option to parents looking for a potential school for their child.

    Apart from the obvious protection and safety aspects, there are a number of other reasons why you should have perimeter fencing for your school:

    • Enables the supervision of students and visitors both coming in and leaving the school at any one time

    If your school is quite large, then security fencing, which usually only has one main entrance and exit point, also provides another line of defence when students, visitors or staff are leaving the premises. It makes it much harder for a child to just leave the school in the middle of the day without pre-agreement.

    It is also easier to keep track of who is there at pick up at the end of the day, reducing the possibility of a student leaving with somebody who isn’t on their pre-agreed list of contacts.

    • Minimal maintenance

    Good quality perimeter fencing for your school doesn’t require very much maintenance at all so once installed, it can be left alone. Primarily made with steel which can be painted or treated, this ensures that the school won’t have to deal with any rust or faulty parts.

    • Cost effective

    Although perimeter fencing for your school may initially cost more than traditional fencing, it will weather all seasons and remain there forever. As such, it is a financial investment that really pays off.

    • To prevent the school from being potentially targeted by thieves and vandals

    If your school is in an area where the crime rate is high, having perimeter fencing for your school is particularly advantageous. Whilst not an absolute deterrent to thieves and vandals, fencing would certainly make it more difficult for them to get in and out undetected.

    • Security for local residents

    It’s just as important to make sure that local residents feel safe from the students and activities of the school. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but some residents, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, need to know that they’re safe and that their property is too.

    • Reduces accidents on roads surrounding the school

    If a child runs out of school grounds into the path of a car, the school can be held legally responsible. Installing perimeter fencing for your school provides a boundary for children and subsequently reduces the likelihood of these occurrences.

  • Installing perimeter fencing for your school


    There’s at least one primary and secondary school in every town or city in the UK, with many more in the more heavily populated areas and each one will have a different style of perimeter fencing.

    Whichever perimeter fencing you choose for your school you will need to consider a number of different things:


    • The environment surrounding the school (does your school have any public right of way, for example)
    • Location
    • Local crime rates
    • Budgets
    • Boundary area
    • Height of fencing
    • Types of fencing


    Ofsted generally don’t have any expectations regarding the measures a school takes regarding security, so the kind of perimeter fencing for your school can pretty much be up to the Headteacher and Governors.

    If your school is situated on a main road, then the perimeter fencing will reflect that and will probably be quite high and if your school is in the countryside, then the perimeter fencing will probably be a lot lower and more in keeping with the surrounding area.

How much does perimeter fencing for your school cost?


The cost of the perimeter fencing for your school will all depend on the type and quality of the fencing system you install and the amount that is required. There are specialised fencing systems suitable for every budget and help is on hand to guide you through the process. Get in touch with us and we’ll be able to help.

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