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  • The Hot Topic – ‘Wood’ Now be the Right Time for a Sustainable Alternative to Timber?

    Back at the start of June we discussed why timber prices had increased by 80% and how many construction sites, residential projects and other jobs had been delayed and disrupted due to this issue. You can read the hot topic ‘Navigating the Increasing Timber Prices with Alternatives’ here. We are now a month on from […]

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  • The Hot Topic – Government App Stop’PING National Security in their Tracks?

    July 2021 saw the UK Government giving England the green light with zero restrictions on all activities and industries. With these actions, many assumed the numbers of those contracting COVID-19 were down and individuals could start getting back to normal. However, once the doors were open for the public, came the flood of ‘pings’ from […]

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  • The Hot Topic – The Aviation Sector Reaches New Heights with Sustainability

    When we look at the Aviation Industry, there are many benefits, such as economic and societal that they bring to the table. Air travel has united the world; permitting businesses to trade internationally and allowing friends and families to connect overseas. But with these positive aspects, come the negative impact and damage they could be […]

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  • The Hot Topic – New Term, New Rules: How Will Schools Adjust to COVID-19 Safety Guidelines?

    With a new school year, comes new COVID-19 safety guidelines for all students heading back to full time education after months of being away from school premises. The Government made the difficult decision to close all schools and nurseries during the height of the global pandemic to reduce the risk of transmission, and ultimately save […]

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  • The Hot Topic – What’s Happening to the Steel Industry Amidst COVID-19?

    “The UK’s backbone is made of steel. There can be no post-pandemic economic recovery without a strong and healthy steel industry.” Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, Secretary of Westminster’s Cross-Party Group on Steel. With the steel industry having faced hardship in the past, it comes as no surprise that COVID-19 has completely disrupted the balance for […]

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