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When you think of fencing, you probably don’t think about the functions that fencing performs and the reasons why they are made of a particular material. Fencing in your back garden is completely different from the fencing that is used in commercial and public spaces.

Traditionally made from iron, steel, or aluminium, perimeter fencing has security and protection at the forefront – preventing any unwanted intruders (or vehicles) from entering the property. The thinking on perimeter fencing has evolved in recent years, with aesthetics now playing a much larger part.

At CLD Fencing, we offer a range of fencing solutions that can be adapted into decorative and interesting perimeters – without compromising on security and protection.


Decorative metal fence panels

If you’ve got the imagination, we’ve got the fence panels! Our decorative metal fence panels are designed, manufactured, and installed in a way that is completely bespoke to you.

From laser-cut fencing to signature pencil fencing – a great idea for a school perimeter – we make steel or corten laser-cut plates in the shape of motifs, company logos, or even a child’s drawing; from which an ornamental fence can be produced.

This solution is not only particularly popular with schools but is also a favourite of zoos and wildlife parks, hospitals, and outdoor play areas – anywhere a bold statement can be made.

There is a wide variety of RAL colours to choose from or we can add a corten finish – to resist the corrosive elements of the weather. Maintaining your decorative metal fence panels is relatively simple, with once-a-year spruce up keeping the fence looking tip-top all year round.


Benefits of decorative metal fence panels

  • No design limits – we can bring your visions to life!
  • Laser cut – our fence panels are cut with pin-point accuracy
  • Up to 4000mm x 2000mm decorative metal fence panel size
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Make a strong statement with your fencing
  • Dulok Wavetop

    By using wavetop fencing, you can achieve a striking perimeter line through concave and convex fencing – or a combination of both. Creating flow, dip-in, or push, to produce an interesting fence line, is also safe, secure, and vandal-proof.

    The steel panels have twin 8mm wires welded on either side of 6mm vertical wires – making the panels stronger, harder to cut through, and more rigid. These galvanised steel posts have clamp bars with no visible fixings, preventing little fingers from getting injured.


    Benefits of the Wavetop

    • Stylish design
    • Security isn’t compromised for aesthetics as it is anti-vandal
    • Fast and simple installation
    • Range of RAL colours to match the colours of your school (or business)


    Stone Fence

    A stone fence – otherwise known as a gabion wall – can be used as an aesthetic fence line and features our twin welded wire mesh panels. It allows you to create a divide using various materials, such as broken stone, brick, and other recycled products.

    Ideal if you want to showcase your commitment to the environment, the gabion wall is vandal resistant, absorbs noise, and can become a haven for insects and wildlife. A gabion wall is a popular choice for new housing developments that show their environmentally friendly, as well as playgrounds, parks, zoos, and wildlife parks.

    The durable mesh panels are constructed with 6 and 8mm steel wires, which are difficult to cut. You could use our stone fence system in conjunction with the Dulok system to secure barrier fences.

    Benefits of a stone fence

    • Decorative panels made to your requirements
    • Natural and environmentally-friendly panels
    • Vandal-proof
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Choice of RAL colours
  • Screen Fence

    Our privacy fence system meets advice from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) on screen-from-view fencing solutions for high-security areas, such as detention centres. Providing 100% screening available in twin wire and 358 rigid mesh fencing, our screen fence makes privacy a priority.

    Ideal perimeter fencing for detention centres, commercial units, schools, and parks, our screen fence system has the following benefits:


    • Weatherproof
    • Vandal-proof
    • 100% screening
    • Lightfast


    Screenogril C10

    For general purpose, our Screenogril fencing system is one of our most popular louvre fencing systems, finished off with a corten finish. Aesthetically pleasing, this solution is a strong louvre, modular and versatile fencing system.

    The popular choice for hospitals, airports, and car parks, it’s rustic in appearance and corrosion-resistant – with no need for regular maintenance. Each panel is 1963mm wide and available at any height with two choices of louvre angles.

    The 80/20 version provides 80% screening with 20% visibility and the 100/0 version provides 100% total screening with zero visibility. Panels can be fitted horizontally or vertically, so you can decide how you want this fencing solution to look.


    Benefits of Screenogril C10

    • Versatile screening
    • Rustic fence line
    • Modular system

Interested? We can help

If you’re interested in an aesthetically pleasing fencing system, then we’ll be happy to help. You can get in touch with us online or give us a call on 0800 074 2861.

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