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Zoos and Wildlife Parks have come along way in the last 50 years and so has CLD Fencing Systems Zoo Fencing and Wildlife Park Fencing Systems.


The security and safety of your visitors and animals is the highest priority when it comes to looking at how you can update your animal enclosures to meet the demand of being a modern zoo or wildlife park. Visitors no longer want to be separated from the animals but instead want to feel like the enclosure is a part of the attraction. At CLD Fencing Systems we have worked hard to develop a range of fencing systems that provide both open viewing and safety at the same time.


That is why some of the biggest names in Zoos and Wildlife Parks have our range of Zoo Fencing protecting their visitors and animals everyday. From the Lions of London to the Tigers of Chessington, find out how our zoo fencing and wildlife fencing can help your next enclosures become major attractions.

Even Bigger Cats…

Creating safe enclosures for the animals requires years of experience, that is why we work from the outset with all the partners of the project.


Our specialist Zoo Fencing Approved Contractors will visit site with ourselves to make sure that all aspects of security and safety are covered in the design brief and see it through all the way to the commissioning of the new enclosures.

Keeping endangered animals safe…

The protection of endangered species has never been more important. In the last 40 years the number of wild animals on Earth has halved according to research by scientists at WWF and the Zoological Society of London.

Zoos and Wildlife Parks play an important part in the protection, education and research of endangered species, with dedicated breeding programmes to help species come back from the brink of extinction. However, a good zoo needs to not only protect the visitors but the animals as well. In 2017; poachers gained entry to the Rhino Enclosure at a French Zoo, killing and dehorning one of the White Rhinos.

This is why we have worked with advisers from zoos, police, security and safety advisers to create our range of zoos and wildlife park fencing systems. Using our Twin Wire Dulok Zoo Fencing System, it is manufactured to include dedicated fixings and additional security features that make it perfect for your next Zoo Fencing and Wildlife Project.

Fencing and Gate Systems

  • Zoo Fencing

  • Wildlife Park Fencing

  • Lion Enclosure Fencing

  • Tiger Enclosure Fencing

  • Monkey Enclosures

  • Perimeter Fencing

  • Enclosure Air Lock Gate Systems

  • Decorative Fencing

  • Security Gates for Feed Areas

Zoo Fencing doesn’t have to be boring…

From Stone Fence to Bespoke Laser Cut Designs, we want to help you make your Zoo or Wildlife Park a place of fun. that starts with the fencing.


Let your creative spirits go wild and contact us today to find out all about our decorative fencing for your next project…

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