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In 2016, CLD Fencing Systems launched a Revolution in Temporary Fencing with their Patented FenceSafe system. The system was the first temporary fencing system to use the same Rigid Mesh Panels and Posts that are used on the rest of our permanent range but in a temporary format with zero ground strike.


The ability to provide this is down to our own patented FenceSafe cantilever base. Researched and developed by our in-house design team, it has enabled FenceSafe to pass a number of tests including BS EN 1991-1 (Wind Loading in Excess of 100mph), crowd loading and impact testing. This makes it one of the safety temporary fencing systems on the market.


The system is available in Profiled, Twin Wire and 358 Rigid Mesh options with matching Temporary Gates in the form of Temporary Sliding Gates and Swing Gates. All our temporary gates come with matching mesh infills to complete your temporary fence line.

Keeping Sites Secure…

As a Temporary Works Coordinator, making sure your site is safe and secure can be a difficult choice between hoarding or heras style fencing systems. This is why we designed FenceSafe, a Revolution in Temporary Fencing.


Designed to offer you the same security and safety as a pemenant mesh fencing system, it offers zero ground strike with no external trip hazard. The system has been designed in accordance with guidance from the TWf (Temporary Works Forum) and complies to BS EN 1991 for wind loading and BS 1772 Part 14 for Crowd Loading to 800n.

The three cornerstones of temporary fencing…

When we designed the FenceSafe system we wanted an innovative temporary fencing system that addressed many of the concerns of existing temporary fencing systems. This is why we built the system around the Three cornerstones of Temporary Fencing…


FenceSafe offers zero external trip and is wind rated in accordance with BS EN 1991. Every system comes complete with site calculations for wind loading.

By using the same Rigid Mesh and posts as our permanent range of fencing, you are guaranteed the same level of security. With a minimum wire nominal of 4mm on our anti-climb temporary fencing panels and 5mm on our Profiled and Twin Wire Mesh systems, this is almost double the industry standard.

Each FenceSafe base is manufactured from 100% Recycled MDPE and is matched with a fencing system that contains at least 90% recycled British and European Steel. Making it one of the greenest systems on the marketplace.

Temporary Fencing and Gate Systems

  • Profiled Rigid Mesh Temporary Fencing

  • Twin Wire Rigid Mesh Temporary Fencing

  • 358 Rigid Mesh Temporary Fencing

  • Event Fencing

  • Site Fencing

  • Temporary Site Gates

  • Temporary Security Gates

  • Temporary Sliding Gates

Protecting your event…

If your next event requires a higher level of security for its temporary perimeter then FenceSafe has a system for you. Deployed by the Metropolitain Police to protect 53 World Leaders, you can be sure your next event temporary fencing will be world class.


Offering the same protection as a permenant fencing system, it provides increased demarcation compared to systems such as crowd barriers or heras fencing. Control of entry can be covered by manned fence breaks, unmanned turnstiles, temporary swing gates and sliding gates.

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