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The world is an ever-changing theatre of threats, as such over the last 40 years CLD Fencing Systems has worked to negate these threats by creating the widest range of Rigid Mesh High-Security Fencing systems on the market place. We are the only company to offer tested and certified Profiled Mesh, Twin Wire Mesh and 358 Prison Mesh High-Security Fencing Systems to LPS 1175 and Secured by Design.


Because of this, CLD Fencing Systems has been the system of choice for High-Security Fencing and Gates on a number of key Military projects; at home and abroad. Protection of British Sovereign land in Cyprus required our ‘Approved for Government Use’ – contact CPNI for further information; Securus SR1 high-security fencing system to be deployed and installed.


However, it isn’t just the UK Government that we work with on their High-Security projects. CLD Fencing Systems has been involved in a number of key international border projects from Africa to Iceland. With the ability to provide a high-security fencing or gate solution for your next project in multiple different formats, find out how we can assist you today.

What are the benefits of high security fencing?

High security fencing is the ideal way to protect your building or worksite from vandalism or theft, or guard against unwanted intruders.

Given that many acts of vandalism and theft are opportunistic, installing high security fencing around the perimeter of your building or land acts as a perfect deterrent against those who might look to gain access.

As well as making it harder for people to access your property, a high security fence can also make it harder for thieves or vandals to make a quick getaway, increasing the chances of them being caught and prosecuted.

Also, you have guaranteed peace of mind that your land or property will be guarded against intruders 24/7, without having constantly manned security on your premises.

How we test our high security fencing

All of our high security fencing systems are subject to a rigorous testing process.

This process allows us to assess your high security fencing against various threats and attack methods. Which is essential, given we’re a supplier of security fencing for government and military projects.

CLD Fencing Systems High Security Fencing is tested and certified to Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) BRE Attack Testing LPS 1175, in order to guarantee the protection of people and property against crime and terrorism.

This is recognised around the world as meeting the highest standards, ensuring fire and security products and services perform effectively.

How long will it take to install your high security fencing?

The time it takes to install your new high security fencing depends on a number of things.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your security needs and we’ll be able to recommend the best fencing system based on your needs.

Our high security fencing experts will assess your requirements (which could involve a site visit) to understand the level of protection you need, and amount of security fencing needed for the project.

Do you need to upgrade your high security fencing?

As with all things, your security fencing needs to be maintained overtime.

If you had your fence installed years ago, it is possible that time and general usage has taken a toll. Not to mention the level of security and threats may have changed over time, meaning your security measures are no longer suitable.

Get in touch with us and we can talk through your options if you’re concerned about the integrity of your high security fence.

How often are high security fences assessed for problems?

You should assess your security fencing for weaknesses or vulnerabilities on a regular basis.

This testing should form part of a comprehensive perimeter security assessment, particularly if your property stores valuable items, or your building is a prime target for more sophisticated criminals or terrorists.

How much will it cost to install or upgrade your high security fencing?

This will depend largely on the scope and scale of the project.

Much of the cost is determined by the type and amount of high security fencing needed for the project, as well as other systems you may need to include within the perimeter.

For a more detailed quote, get in touch with us today and we’ll be able to advise you on the best high security system to match your requirements.

What is high security fencing made from?

Mesh security fencing is typically made from steel, welded at intersections to provide a strong, robust and reliable level of perimeter security.

Our High Security Fencing is made to the strictest standards, meeting LPS 1175, and Secured by Design requirements, alongside a select number of solutions having been ‘Approved for Government Use’.

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    Guaranteed Delay against attack…

    All our Security Rated High Security Fencing and Gate Solutions offer a guaranteed delay against attack. Thanks to physical testing and then certification from LPCB they hold a Security Rating from LPS 1175 SR1 to SR3.


    LPS 1175 SR1 offers a guaranteed delay of a minimum of 60 seconds against attacks using tools such as wire cutters and knives.


    LPS 1175 SR2 offers a guaranteed delay of a minimum of 180 seconds against attacks using tools such as bolt cutters and hacksaws.


    LPS 1175 SR3 offers a guaranteed delay of a minimum of 300 seconds against attacks using tools such as Drills and Crowbars.

    Protecting your assets with High Security Fencing…

    Security Rated High Security Fencing and Gates has become more popular on projects as the threat level across the world changes. To work with our clients we designed a High Security Fencing system that can be upgraded or downgraded as the threat level changes without removing the posts.

    Our range of Securus High Security Fencing offers a standard anti-climb system in the form of Securus. This can then be upgraded to a LPS 1175 SR1 fencing system with the addition of security fixings.

    The next stage of future proofing sees an upgrade to LPS 1175 SR2 by converting the SR1 system to Securus AC (SR2). Another layer of 358 Mesh is joined by additional inter posts and security fixings, making it the only upgradable LPS 1175 system on the market.

    This is why we offer our Lockmaster SR2 High Security Swing gate as part of the security package as it can be installed with a SR1 Fence Line and when the fencing is upgraded there is no need to change the gate system. Saving time and money on your security project.

    Fencing and Gate Systems

    • LPS 1175 SR1 Profiled Rigid Mesh High Security Fencing

    • LPS 1175 SR1 Twin Wire Rigid Mesh High Security Fencing

    • LPS 1175 SR1 358 Rigid Mesh High Security Fencing

    • LPS 1175 SR2 358 Rigid Mesh High Security Fencing

    • LPS 1175 SR2 Swing Gates

    • LPS 1175 SR3 Panic Out Swing Gates

    • LPS 1175 SR1 Cantilever Sliding Gates

    • LPS 1175 SR2 Cantilever Sliding Gates

    • LPS 1175 SR3 Cantilever Sliding Gates

    Aesthetics and Protection…

    We believe that High Security Fencing doesn’t have to look like a Prison, that is why we designed all our systems to offer maximum visibility.


    This is why our Fencing and Gate solutions have become a stable of the design of new Mental Health Facilities around the world. With the ability to be finished in a wide range of Polyester Powder Coated colours including Metallic and Marine Grade coatings. They help to create an open but secure environment for the patients.

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