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A new market has boomed around the world and the currency is data. Globally, the data stored in data centres will quintuple by 2020 to reach 915 EB by 2020, up 5.3-fold (a CAGR of 40%) from 171 EB in 2015. (Source: Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2015-2020).


Overall data centre workloads will more than double (2.6-fold) and cloud workloads will more than triple (3.2-fold) from 2015 to 2020, so there needs to be a corresponding rise in data centre physical security to match this demand.


Since the very first digital ‘virus’ was detected in the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) in the form of the Creeper Virus in the early 1970s, the development of digital security practices against attack has been at the forefront of data security. However, at the same time; it has often been held that the physical security of the data has, shall we say; stalled.


This is why CLD Fencing Systems has developed a range of Data Centre Fencing and Gate Solutions that offer the highest level of protection with guaranteed delay against attack for your next project.


What are the requirements for Data Centre Fencing?

In order to ensure physical data remains safe from harm, data centre fencing must meet certain requirements, which include:

  • Protection of the external perimeter from being compromised either by being scaled over, burrowed under, or cutting through
  • Securing car parking areas and protecting the exterior of the data centre building
  • Securing and controlling entrances and exits for authorised staff and visitors, as well as deliveries of supplies
  • Prevention against vehicle borne attacks (HVM)
  • Controlling access to the building
  • Aesthetically appealing to blend into the environment
  • To be used in conjunction with other security measures including lighting and CCTV

If you’re unsure whether you’re existing data centre fencing meets these standards, get in touch with a member of our team who’d be happy to help.

What is the importance of Data Centre fencing?

With access to unprecedented levels of data, you can understand why security rated fencing for data centres is important. Not only is it important to protect cyber data from hackers, but where data is kept in the physical sense, you run just as much risk of a potential breach in security. It’s for this reason that data centre fencing such as that we manufacture here at CLD Fencing Systems is so imperative, with the ultimate goal being to detect potential threat early, allowing enough time for interception to take place.

Not only can they act as a deterrent just by their physical presence, but they can also prevent actual security breaches whilst also promoting your business through appropriately branded fencing.

Erecting proper, Government approved security fencing at your data centre will instil confidence in the clients who store their data with you and will help you to reduce any risk of being compromised in the future. So, if you’re in need of new data centre fencing, contact our team today to discuss our range of options.

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    Protecting your data in the Physical world…

    Our range of Data Centre Fencing and Gate Solutions provides anti-climb protection with additional security toppings that offer a guarenteed delay against attack.


    This is due to the testing and certification to LPS1175 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. Our Securus SR1 system provides a guaranteed minimum delay of 60 seconds. For an increased minimum delay of 3 minutes the system of choice is the Securus AC (SR2) Data Centre Rigid Mesh Security Fencing.

    Deter, Detect, Delay…

    Data Centre Physical Security has to be observed as a layered approach and employing systems of defence that will deter, detect and delay as any intruder tries to access the data in the physical world. Ask yourself the following questions on your data centre physical security…

    Deter – Does your physical perimeter offer a visual deterrent against attack?
    Detect – Does your physical perimeter allow the detection of an attacker before they get inside your site?
    Delay – Has your physical perimeter been tested to an industry standard to allow you to factor in the delay time of a sustained attack upon it?

    At the furthest area, but one of the most important layers, from your data asset stands your data centre fencing system and access control. This is where the first question should be answered, whilst aesthetics play an important part of the design statement these days; a data centre fencing system has one very important role… to deter.


    Fencing and Gate Systems

    • LPS1175 SR1 Security Rated Fencing Systems

    • LPS1175 SR2 Security Rated Fencing Systems

    • LPS1175 SR1 - SR3 Security Rated Sliding Gates

    • LPS1175 SR2 Security Rated Swing Gates

    • LPS1175 SR3 Panic Out Security Rated Gates

    • Bi Folding Trackless Gates

    • Pedestrian Turnstiles

    Data Centre Physical Access Control…

    Notably, having a secure perimeter again almost works along the same principles as encasing the data centre in an impenetrable surface, you have to allow physical access control through it.


    Over the last 4 years CLD Fencing Systems research and development department worked on creating a world’s first in access control by designing, testing and having certified the first LPS1175 Security Rated Sliding Gate systems at SR1, SR2 and SR3.


    They are now the only company in the world to be able to offer a SR2 and SR3 version of access control in both swing and sliding variants.

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