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Airports face a number of challenges when it comes to their perimeter and internal airport fencing requirements. Between 2004 and 2016 alone, 345 known perimeter security breaches happened across the United States of America at 31 airports. Whilst none of the incidents were terror-related the general view has been that active detection and surveillance allows a response time to capture the intruder before they can achieve any real damage to themselves or the estate and assets.


Sadly however, this isn’t the truth in many high-profile cases. In March 2016, Louis Pedro Verdasca dos Santos Costa, a 38-year-old Portuguese national broke through an airport security fence at Heathrow airport and locked himself inside an empty British Airways 747 passenger jet’s cockpit. Whilst in September of the same year, 9 protesters gained access to London City airport at 5:40am BST and proceeded to erect a tripod and “lock themselves together” on the main runway.


In both of these cases, and countless others; the security surveillance and detection procedures and systems eventually located the breach. However, it was too late to stop the intruders committing an act that induced high delay times and costs for the airport and a knock-on effect on the travelling passengers.


From accessing active runways through to threatening member of staff with weapons, it is apparent that the failure of the first line of defence is allowing groups and individuals the ability to cause disruption and delay. Current assessments place an airport perimeter breach occurring every 10 days across the USA.


It has never been more important to make sure that your airport fencing is of the highest standard to offer a guaranteed delay against attack both internally and externally.

Airport Fencing with a Difference…

CLD Fencing Systems is the only company in the world to be able to offer a profiled security rated and non security rated Rigid Mesh Airport Fencing System in the form of our Ultimate Extra and Ultimate Extra SR1 airport fencing system.


Available in Heights up to 3.0m it features a unique mesh aperture of 165 x 25mm on 6mm nominal wires with 25mm top edge projection. Due to the added security features of the system in its LPS1175 SR1 format it can also offer guaranteed delay against attack.


This is why it is the airport fencing system of choice of a number of major airports around the United Kingdom as the first line of defence.

Temporary, Permanent and Frangible…

Regardless of your next airport fencing project, we have a system to provide you the very best in airport security fencing. Our permanent Ultimate Extra and Ultimate Extra SR1 provides a profiled rigid mesh security fence system with guaranteed delay in it’s LPS 1175 format.

However, if your next project requires a Frangible and Radio Transparent fencing solution, our GRP range of Mesh and Railings can be matched with GRP Crash Gates in for the form of our FibreFence. This system has been adopted by a number of airport and military airfields around the world.

For Temporary Fencing solutions, our revolutionary solution; FenceSafe can be match with Ultimate Extra for a robust defence with Zero Ground Strike. This bespoke product provides all the benefits of a permanent airport fence; but in temporary format.

Fencing and Gate Systems

  • Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems

  • Temporary Zero Ground Strike Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems

  • Frangible Fencing Systems

  • Radio Transparent Fencing Systems

  • Frangible Railing Systems

  • Radio Transparent Railing Systems

  • Crash Gates

  • Security Rated Sliding Gates

  • Security Rated Swing Gates

Radio Transparent and Frangible Airport Fencing

In 2017 we launched our range of FibreFence GRP Radio Transparent and Franible Airport Fencing across the United Kingdom and around the world. For the first time your next airport project can benefit from two different fencing systems that both offer a Frangible Fencing solution that is also Radio Transparent, Non Corrosive and Non Conductive.


Find out more about FibreFence GRP Mesh, FibreFence GRP Railings and FibreFence GRP Crash Gates by clicking on the links.

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