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School Fencing – Schools and Playgrounds

AT CLD Fencing Systems we offer a wide range of School Fencing ranging from perimeter Fencing such as our Exempla System designed especially for Schools, through to our bespoke decorative range of steel fencing for playgrounds; enhance by laser cutting on our state of the art machinery. We have a long history of providing the best in school fencing across the United Kingdom and this is the reason why we are the number one choice for Schools and Councils when it comes to specification.

School FencingWhen we designed our Exempla Profiled Panel Fencing System we wanted to create a perimeter solution that would fit perfectly in to the School environment, and in turn could be recognised as the number one choice for school fencing in the UK. Featuring our unique SafeTFix fitting system, it increases the safety of the system by both restricting access to the bolts and also provides an extra level of security with the front fitted clamp bar. The Exempla features 200 x 50mm aperture for the mesh size with 5mm wire diameters provides a solid fence panel that can withstand the impact of standard school life and is available in a range of heights from 630mm to 3030mm with 2495mm post centres.

However as we know sometimes the School Fencing can be placed in a high traffic area and will experience an enhanced level of damage due to increased exposure to students. When this happens we will always recommend our Ultimate Profiled Panel School Fencing System with SafeTFix fittings that features tighter mesh apertures of 165mm x 38mm giving it an unrivalled level of rigidness outside of Security Rated Fencing. Again this School Fencing Systems comes in a range of heights from 1800mm to 3000mm with post centres of 2485mm.

At the other end of the range is our Rotop Rigid Panel System that is the perfect choice for Nurseries and Playschools, as well as Primary Schools. The Rotop school fencing with SafeTFix fitting system is designed to offer a more friendly style of fencing to younger children with is rolled top and bottom beams that removes any sharp spikes or edges and gives added rigidity. The smaller mesh aperture of 150mm x 50mm helps to provide a Fencing System that will stand the rigours of playground activity. It comes in heights of 900mm to 1800mm with post centres of 3015mm and like all of our School Fencing Systems comes in a full range of RAL Colours

The next of our fencing systems is the Dulok Double Wire Rigid Panel Fencing System that features 200 x 50mm mesh apertures but with 6mm verticals and 2 x 8mm horizontal steel wires for added strength and anti cut properties. This multi-use fencing system can be used for Playgrounds, MUGA Courts, Football Fields and School Perimeters. It comes in heights of 630mm to 6060mm with post centres of 2520mm. Our Dulok System as comes with the added option of Wavetop design for creating an aesthetically pleasing fence design from 830mm to 2430mm heights.  

If you require Perimeter Security that meets Secured by Design we can help as well with our Dulok-6 SR1, Dulok-8 SR1, Dulok-25 SR1 and Ultimate Extra SR1 from our extensive range which feature not only Secured by Design accreditation but also hold LPS1175 : Issue 7 Category 1 (Security Rated 1) approval. With all our products we can also match your gate needs from our Lockmaster, Slidemaster and Speedmaster Range of Swing, Sliding and Bi-Fold gates with matching mesh infills.

Lastly we offer a fully Bespoke Range of School Fencing Systems where the only thing limiting you in your imagination. From fully printed Securus Panels to Laser Cut Steel Fencing Panels that represent the style and design of your environment our state of the art manufacturing plant in Cheshire produces these to your specification. Our own inhouse team of CAD designers will work with you to produce a design that matches all your requirements. Plus when it comes to fitting our network of Approved Contractors are always on hand to supply you with a competitive quote.

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