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Sports Fences


Rigid fencing system

Mesh size: 124 x 50 mm

Suitable for: MUGA pitches, School play areas, Professional sports, Amenity areas
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Dulok Sports™

Dulok Sports
Double wire panel system

Mesh size: 200 x 50 mm

Suitable for: Amenity areas, Schools, Professional sports, MUGA and 3G Pitches
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Dulok Rebound™

Dulok Rebound
Double Wire Panel System

Mesh size: 50 x 66.5 mm

Suitable for: Multi-use games areas, School playgrounds, Professional sports
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Sports Rail ™

Sports Rail
Hand Rail Systems

Mesh size: Choice of infil

Suitable for: Running track perimeters, Spectator enclosures, School playgrounds, Velodromes
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Ballstop Netting™

ball stop netting
Polypropylene Mesh

Mesh size: 25 x 25 mm, 50 x 50 mm, 100 x 100 mm

Suitable for: Schools, Urban areas, Professional sports
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Sports Pitch Fencing Systems™

sports Pitch
Versatile Sports Pitch Systems and Multi-Use Games Areas
Suitable for: Schools, Amenity areas, Professional sports
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