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  • Keeping balls within the areas of play is essential in many sports, and our strong and durable Ball Stop Netting ™ will both prevent them escaping and ensure there are no stoppages.

    Available in heights from 500 to 10000mm, and in a range of mesh densities, this cost-effective netting easily integrates with any fencing system, particularly our Dulok Sports™ system. The thick weather-resistant mesh is hard-wearing and fits to posts easily, with a strong line wire for added support.

    Ball Stop Netting ™ is ideal for preventing lost equipment in schools, for enhancing the appeal of MUGAs (multi-purpose game areas), and it comes in extremely useful in a variety of amateur and professional sports, where ball containment is vital.

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    • Integrates with CLD Sports Fencing Mesh systems
    • Cost effective
    • Weather resistant
    • Choice of colours
    • Different Mesh Ball Stop Netting Apertures
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    • Football Pitches
    • Golf Ranges
    • Schools
    • Urban areas
    • Professional sports
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    • Finish
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    • It is available in a range of colours, so you can match it with your existing sports fencing system.

      • Heights

        500mm to 10000mm

      • Width

        To suit fence system

      • Mesh Size

        25 x 25mm, 50 x 50mm, 100 x 100mm (other options available)

      • Netting Diameter


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