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  • Even the smallest of security enhancements can give your perimeter weld mesh fencing an edge, adding immeasurable protection to your premises. These modifications make Dulok S1™ an even greater defence against criminals than our base Dulok™ system.

    Dulok S1™ weld mesh panels are made from twin, heavy duty 8mm wires welded either side of 6mm vertical wires, but rather than using pin hex screws, they are fixed to galvanised steel posts using Sheardrive security bolts; practically impossible for vandals and intruders to remove.

    Certified to LPS 1175 A1 Security Ratings, it’s guaranteed to stop any attacks from basic tools, and with Secured by Design accreditation from the UK Police, it provides the perfect perimeter for public buildings, schools and sports pitch applications.

    You also have the option to include further deterrents to the top of each panel with Dulok S1™ being compatible with our Active Anti-Intruder topping range.

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    • 200 x 50mm Mesh Apertures
    • Twin 8mm horizontal wires with 6mm vertical
    • High security anti-cut, 868 double weld mesh panels
    • Range of height options
    • Secured by Design accredited system
    • LPS 1175 A1
    • Full range of RAL colours available
    • Additional Security Toppings Available
    • Full length clamp bar
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    • Schools
    • Public buildings
    • Industrial buildings
    • Secure data centres
    • Police stations
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  • Panels can be stepped as required. Where gradients exceed 1:16, it is recommended that taller panels are either part-buried or additional posts are used.

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  • The posts are available in a range of lengths to accommodate panel heights and ground conditions. In addition, many variations are available.

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    • Our welded steel wire mesh fencing panels are hot dip galvanised only or galvanised and polyester powder coated. The standard colour is Green RAL 6005. RAL range of colours available.

      • Heights

        1830, 2030, 2430, 3030mm

      • Panel Width


      • Mesh Size

        200 x 50mm

      • Wire Diameter

        6mm verticals 2 x 8mm horizontals

      • Top Edge Projection

        30mm (Can be inverted to give flush edge)

      • Posts

        60 x 40mm RHS (up to 2430mm) 80 x 40mm RHS (3030mm)

      • Corner Posts

        60 x 40mm RHS (up to 2430mm) 80 x 40mm RHS (3030mm)

      • Post Centres


      • Clamping Channel

        40 x 5mm Steel

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