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  • There are premises where only the highest levels of security will suffice. Places like Ministry of Defence buildings, police stations and airports, where you need guarantees that your fencing is up to the task. It’s these locations that Ultimate Extra S1™ was designed for and why it offers secure by design and LPS 1175 accreditation.

    As the highest security profiled panel system in our Ultimate™ range, Ultimate Extra S1™ includes many enhanced security features, including durable 6mm diameter wires, projecting spikes at the top of each panel, large steel posts, a full length clamp bar, plus revolutionary built-in SafeTfix security fixings that are totally enclosed.

    Conforming to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences and carrying certification to LPS 1175 Issue 8 A1, it will withstand attacks from standard hand tools. Plus, as an added seal of approval, Ultimate Extra S1™ comes with the UK Police Secure by Design accreditation as an effective form of crime prevention making it a police preferred specification.

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    • Profiled 6mm Mesh Panel
    • LPS 1175 Issue 8 A1
    • Police Preferred Specification – Secure by Design
    • Helps Crime Prevention
    • Secured by Design Accreditation
    • Additional security toppings available
    • Full range of RAL PPC available
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    • MOD
    • Airports and seaports
    • Police stations & secure units
    • Utility suppliers
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  • Panels can be stepped as required. Where gradients exceed 1:16, it is recommended that taller panels are either part-buried or additional posts are used.

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  • In addition to the standard posts many variations are available to accommodate site requirements.

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    • Our welded steel wire mesh high security fencing panels are galvanised and polyester powder-coated after stringent cleaning and treatment to give a well-adhered coating of 60 microns. RAL range of colours available.

      • Heights

        2030, 2430, 3030mm

      • Panel Width

        2475mm 2050mm (3030mm)

      • Mesh Size

        165 x 25mm

      • Wire Diameter


      • Profiles

        3 or 4

      • Top Edge Projection

        25mm (Can be inverted to give flush edge)

      • Posts

        80 x 40mm RHS

      • Flat Clamp Bars

        41 x 21mm

      • Post Centres

        2485mm, 2060mm (3030mm)

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