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  • Since LPS 1175 Issue 7 was launched in in 2010 the nature of threats and attack tools have changed. In 2019, LPCB launched a new version of LPS 1175 in the form of Issue 8 which allowed CLD Fencing Systems to develop a new security fencing system to match the new threats and attack methods.

    Taking their Securus (AC) SR2 Security Fencing system, that had previously been tested and certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7. CLD Fencing Systems started to look at how the system could be off-site assembled in the manufacturing process and then shipped for a minimum 2 person install.

    Using advances in the fixing systems from the FenceSafe SR1 Security Rated Temporary Fencing System, the new Permanent perimeter solution has reduced the number of visible external fixings to just 11. This means all the fence cassettes, that includes a double layer of mesh; can be manufactured at CLD’s head offices in Sandbach, Cheshire before shipping around the world.

    Due to this, installation is at least 3 times faster for contractors on site. CLD Fencing Systems have even manufactured a new lifting system which allows quick release of the security fencing cassette without the need to work from height. With a cassette weighing just over 165kg for 2.4m high and 203.05kg for a 3m, this makes installation quicker and safer when using mechanical lifting devices.

    At the same time, for sites where mechanical equipment are unsuited the high security fencing systems can also be supplied for assembly on site with a reduction of 46% less fixings than the equivalent Securus (AC) SR2 security fencing system.

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    • 358 Anti Climb Double Layer Mesh Fencing to BS 1722 Part 14 : 2017
    • Only 11 Visible External Fixing
    • No external fixings to intermittent clamp system
    • High Security Fencing System
    • Additional Security Toppings Available including Barbed Wire, Razor Coil and Non-Hostile Systems
    • Off-Site manufactured Fence Cassettes for reduced installation time compared to Securus SR2 AC
    • LPS 1175 Issue 8 B3 (SR2) Tested and Certified
    • Secured by Design Certified
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    • Waste Water Sites
    • Airports
    • Police and Military Units
    • Data Centres
    • High Security Sites
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    • Certified for Level
    • Certified for Gradient 0 to 1 in 6
    • Certified for Gradient 1 in 6 to 1 in 3

    For further information or other site gradients please contact CLD Fencing Systems for further information.

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    • Finish
    • Dimensions
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    • Our welded steel wire mesh fencing panels are galvanised and polyester powder-coated after stringent cleaning and treatment to give a well-adhered coating of 60 microns.

      Full range of RAL and BS colours available, including metallic and marine grade finish.

      • Heights

        2.4m and 5.0m

      • Mesh Size

        76.2 x 12.5mm

      • Wire Diameter

        4mm (horizontals and verticals)

      • Top Edge Projection

        Nil – wire is flush on all edges

      • Posts

        80 x 60mm special flanged section (patent applied for)

      • Corner Posts

        80 x 80mm standard RHS section

      • Fence Cassette Weight 2.4m

        165.65 kg

      • Fence Cassette Weight 3.0m

        203.05 kg

      • Post Centres


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