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  • Overview
  • Characteristics and Advantages
  • FIBREFENCE GRP RAILING system is built by using GRP pultruded profiles which are then assembled to create self-standing, modular panels, that offer the best solution to combine high mechanical resistance and efficient protection with radio-transparency and frangibility requirements in compliance with ICAO prescriptions.

    The extremely tough design matched with the clear span ratio, make these fences perfectly suitable to protect areas subject to jet-blast. Upon request, FIBREFENCE GRP RAILINGS system can be improved with tiny GRP mesh to control small wildlife or debris intrusion where required. FIBREFENCE GRP RAILING systems are available in standard heights from 1 to 3.0m, other dimensions are available on demand.

    To improve global security, fences can be accessorized with special arms to support plastic, barbed or concertina wires. Furthermore, they are compatible with most common intrusion detection and monitoring/control systems.

    Design, engineering and manufacturing are tailored according to customer’s specifications and needs.

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    • Radio-transparency
    • High mechanical resistance
    • Frangibility, in compliance with ICAO “Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 6, 1st ed. 2006” standards
    • Resistance to corrosion
    • Resistance to heat and UV rays
    • Modular assembly guaranteeing fast and cheap reparation in case of damage
    • Possibility to couple the system with FIBREFENCE-MESH meshes to avoid intrusion by small animals
    • No need for maintenance, even in the long term
    • Design and manufacturing upon customer’s specifications
    • Possibility to install additional anti-intrusion and monitoring/control systems
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    • Finish
    • Dimensions
    • Downloads
    • GRP pultruded profiles finished in a range of colours

      • Rail diameter

        50.8mm x 2.9mm

      • Heights

        1000mm to 3000mm

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