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Flexa-Rail Metal Fence Railings Description

Since we first launched our Flexa-Rail Vertical Bar Metal Fence Railings we have gone on to protect hundreds of projects across the UK. In 2022 we wanted to innovate and respond to the latest safety requirements for schools and playgrounds. That’s why we went back to the drawing board to create an in-house manufactured metal fence railing system that uses the latest in installation and safety solutions.

The new and improved design & production of our Flexa-Rail also contributes to a reduction in carbon used. In comparison to traditional solid bar, welded railings, our Flexa-Rail produces 98% less carbon during the manufacturing process! Our weld free technology and tubular rails used is driving change as sectors seek to rebuild and evolve for a greener planet. This feature alone supports our end client’s environmental impact as many now look to their supply chain for sustainable alternatives.

These vertical bar railings are available in a variety of heights ranging from 900mm up to 2400mm; so specific height restrictions are met. Ramping up physical security means using taller Flexa-Rail panels for a formidable barrier around school perimeters or housing developments.

Another reason why our Flexa-Rail is so popular is their revolutionary self-raking metal railings which follow the contours of even the steepest gradients without the need for stepping.


Target Audience for Flexa-Rail Metal Fence Railings

When general safety and security is paramount for your perimeter, then our Flexa-Rail system if the right solution for you. Thanks to its various tops including Bow Top, Finial, Vertical Bar and ROSPA options, it the perfect option for many sites.

Most commonly our ROSPA and Bow Top Flexa-Rail options are used around schools and playgrounds to aid in safe play and secure boundaries! However, the school sector isn’t the only target audience for the Flexa-Rail. As we’ve introduced the Finial top alongside our Vertical Bars, the Flexa-Rail system would suit various projects like heritage sites, new build housing estates and recreation grounds to create a safe and secure perimeter.


Standout Features

  • Weld free technology and tubular rails create 98% less carbon than traditional solid, welded railings on the market!
  • Fit for projects and clients looking to reduce their carbon footprint and provide an environmentally friendly system
  • Various railing toppers as forementioned including Bow Top, Vertical Bar, Finial and ROSPA Playsafe
  • Self raking system with a 9.75 raking angle for PlaySafe
  • Self raking system with a 12.75 raking angle for Vertical Bar
  • Follows the contours of the ground, so no stepping is required
  • Wide range of RAL colours for a bright and colourful fence line
  • Wide range of heights to meet the needs and requirements of your next project
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What are the post centres?

    A) The post centres for our Flexa-Rail system are 2995mm.

    2) What is the size of the rail?

    A) The rail size for our Flexa-Rail is 56x50mm.

    3) What is the undersail and oversail of the railings?

    A) Oversail varies depending on height but can be between 130-200mm. The Undersail of our railings is 75mm.

    4) What is the tube size of Flexa-Rail?

    A) The tube size is 25.4mm (1”)

    5) What are the tube centres of the Flexa-Rail railings?

    A) The tube centres are 110mm.

    6) Can I fit my posts before installing the bays?

    A) Yes, you can fit posts before installing bays.

    7) How much does the Flexa-Rail System rake by?

    A) With the various tops to choose from for Flexa-Rail there are two answers here. Our Bow Top is approximately 10 degrees, and our Straight Tube options are approximately 13 degrees.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    8) Do the fixings or post centres change between standard or ROSPA compliant railings for the CLD range?

    A) No, all CLD fixings and post centres are ROSPA compliant, it is the panels and tops of the systems that change between standard or ROSPA compliant.

    9) Are all CLD Fencing Systems Railings ROSPA compliant?

    A) No, only our bow top is ROSPA compliant.

    10) Do you do any non ROSPA compliant railings?

    A) Yes, all our straight tube railings are non ROSPA compliant. It is only the Bow Top option that complies with ROSPA.

    11) Do you have Gates to match?

    A) Yes, we have gates that will match your railings. Speak to an expert via our webchat or through the contat details on our website to find out more.

    12) Can you supply cranked or base-plated posts?

    A) Yes, we can supply both cranked or base-plated posts if necessary.

    13) Can I cut the bays down for make-up panels? 

    A) Yes, panels can be cut down to create make-up panels.

    14) Can the fence be safely installed by one person?

    A) Yes, our Flexa-Rail system can be installed by one person on the lower heights. Anything above 1.5m needs more than one person to install due to the weight of the panels.

    15) Can I order any colour combination or RAL colours across the range?

    A) Yes, we have a wide range of RAL colours available across the range with the ability to choose various colour combinations and it can even be supplied in kaleidoscope.

Whether it’s school safety, playground protection or heritage site high security, the Flexa-Rail is the system to go for! With such a wide variety to choose from, you can be sure that our railings suit your project from no stepping to self-raking.

If you want to learn more about our new metal fence railings, Flexa-Rail or want to speak to someone in regard to ordering for your next project, get in touch with us on 01270 764751 or email us on


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