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Access control (AC) – in the field of physical security – is defined as ‘the selective restriction and control of access to a certain place.’ Whether the person requiring access is a contractor, visitor or employee, you need to make sure that your access control fencing is of the highest possible quality.

At CLD Fencing, we provide a full range of physical access control systems that make it easy to find the right system for your site.

As the first company in the world to offer LPS1175 security rating in both swing and cantilever sliding gate form, let’s have a look at what security ratings can mean for your access control fencing solutions:


LPS – Loss Prevention Standard – 1175

  • focuses on the physical security of ‘intruder resistant building components,’ including:
    • strong points
    • security enclosures
    • free-standing barriers
    • any products that fall within these categories – fencing, doors, shutters and even key safes


Physical security concerns can be broken down into four principal areas:

  • Deterring (intruders)
  • Detecting (attackers)
  • Delaying (attackers)
  • Responding (to an attack)
  • Benefits of access control systems

    There are a number of benefits to choosing access control solutions:

    • control over who accesses your site
    • acts as a deterrent
    • if you have multiple departments and offices, it gives you greater transparency of where people are going and why
    • provides privacy surrounding your operations
    • can function as a sound barrier
    • can direct and guide the public into certain areas
    • low-maintenance solutions


    Here at CLD Fencing, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing the highest quality of fencing for access control and we have a number of access control gate solutions

Standards of temporary fencing

When looking for temporary fencing solutions, you need to ensure that they conform to both British and European Standards, so you can be sure that they are fit-for-purpose.

At CLD, our innovative FenceSafe System conforms to BS EN1991 for wind loading – to ensure it doesn’t move in the wind and potentially cause injury – and is manufactured to BS 1772 Part 14 and Part 17 for crowd loading to 800N. It can be supplied and manufactured galvanised to BS EN 1SO 1461 or polyester powder-coated to BS EN 13438.

Benefitting from more than 40 years’ experience using rigid mesh panel systems and temporary fencing, we are confident that we can devise the best temporary fencing solutions to match your needs and requirements.

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