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Security Fencing for Niftylift

Aesthetics is key for security fencing at NiftyLift HQ

On the 5th June Niftylift celebrated its 30th anniversary with a public open day at its new world headquarters. The event at the 28,000 square meter site not only allowed visitors from around the world to look upon the Niftylift Hybrid range but also the 444 linear metres of CLD Securus Lite security fencing installed around the site perimeter.

The site at Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes, is a unique state of the art facility devised by architects to reside in a landscaped campus setting. The innovation of the environmentally conscious site can be seen for instance in the curve of the roof; an element designed to continue the lines of neighboring grass hills. The stability, innovation and engineering quality at the core of the Niftylift enterprise finds perfect cohesion with the CLD brand that aligns diligence to security with contemporary design.

Security for Shenley Wood, as the nerve center of Niftylift, was a pivotal requirement for the fencing package. As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of mobile work platforms and housing the entire hybrid range, it was crucial that the site was encompassed by a structure that deterred crime. For the Milton Keynes site, this basic necessity is met by CLD’s Securus-Lite security fencing. With its anti-climb close mesh, non-removable shear nuts and 4mm wires, the Securus Lite system was a clear choice for Milton Keynes based Architects and the Main contractor.

This open mesh security fencing, at 2.4m high, not only conforms to LPS1175 and Secured By Design but allows the site to feel open both in natural light and outlook whilst remaining clearly guarded. The success of the product, installed by a CLD approved contractor, is unfaltering and is not only marked by its security but by its cost effectiveness.

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