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Secure Perimeter Fencing for Manchester Airport

The CLD team was given a demanding brief when Manchester Airport tasked them with providing high security, anti climb perimeter fencing.

The airport handles more than 22 million passengers every year and security is paramount. CLD were asked to meet the airport’s uncompromising security standards within a very challenging budget.

After careful discussions with the client, designers at CLD Fencing Systems set to work to create the ideal secure perimeter fencing system. The solution needed to be mounted on a concrete barrier system and fitted with a vital anti-intruder topping.

Close collaboration

The team worked closely with the client and contractor to create a solution featuring CLD Ultimate Extra fencing with special base plates and a ‘Y’ crank topping with razor wire. To ensure the client was absolutely satisfied with the design, CLD supplied a sample bay of the security fencing for approval.

Impressed by the system, the Airport gave the go-ahead to install it. This part of the operation was equally challenging given that airport security had to be maintained at all times during the installation process.

Expert installation

To give the client total confidence, CLD enlisted the help of a highly skilled CLD Approved Contractor with the credentials to satisfy the highest standards of quality and expertise.

The Airport team was extremely satisfied with both the process and the results. Particular praise was given to the CLD ‘Ultimate Extra’ profiled panel system which meets the stringent criteria set down by the Department for Transport.

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