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Project Background

Temporary Security Fencing – NHS Grampian Aberdeen Testing Centre

Client Name

NHS Grampian Aberdeen Testing Centre


15th April 2020


Temporary Fencing

Whilst most of the UK population were preparing to spend their Easter Bank Holiday Weekend staying in to protect the NHS; members of the COVID-19 Rapid Response Team were out helping NHS Grampian secure their new testing centre situated in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen International Airport opened their very own drive through coronavirus testing centre located in their Park and Depart facility. Comparable to the testing centres within Gatwick and Standsted Airport, this facility was designed to offer 5 testing lanes operating on an appointment basis for those key workers and their family members who had been self-isolating after showing symptoms.

Due to the urgent nature of this facility, the project was on a tight deadline, to get this establishment secured for operation on Easter Monday. The whole Rapid Response Physical Security Team worked round the clock on Thursday afternoon to get the 350m of FenceSafe from CLD Fencing Systems Manufacturing Plant over to Aberdeen, ready to be installed on the Friday morning.

For this order to have been delivered and installed on time, CLD Fencing Systems couldn’t have done it without the support from a number of companies. From Dyce Carriers who were able to arrange a priority collection to Jewson and Travis Perkins for supplying the 2000 bags of ballast; and to LiveTrakway for the speedy installation of the FenceSafe fencing system completed for the Monday deadline.

  • Fencing and Gates Systems

    The entirety of the testing centre perimeter needed to be protected with temporary security fencing that met the temporary requirements from the client but also held some privacy from the outside world.

    • CLD Fencing Systems FenceSafe Eclipse was the chosen system for this particular project due to its fully foundation free installation. This solution was a great option as it not only offers the safety and security needed, but semi-permeable screens can be attached, creating complete privacy for the clients.
  • The Brief

    The main requirement for this project was ensuring the visitors of this Aberdeen testing centre felt safe and secure during their appointment. CLD Fencing Systems and the RRPST needed to adhere to the following:

    • Fully temporary physical security system for the perimeters
    • Allow privacy during visits
    • Maintain the same level of security as a permanent solution

“Essential services have all been affected by staff having to isolate due to the coronavirus, and testing allows staff to return to work earlier than would have otherwise been the case… The speed with which the facility has been developed is to be commended.”

Christopher Littlejohn, Deputy Director of Public Health for NHS Grampian.

The Benefits of using FenceSafe Eclipse:

  • 30mm projecting spikes to prevent climb over
  • Pin hex security fixings
  • Anti-trip external hazard
  • 100% recycled plastic bases
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