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Project Background

Port Security Fencing – Liverpool2 Sea port

Client Name

Peel Ports Group




Port Fencing

The Peel Ports Group is one of the UK’s largest port operators, owning a number of facilities in the UK. In 2015, they started phase 1 of their expansion programme to create a deep water container terminal, for their Port of Liverpool site (Liverpool2). Peel Ports invested £400million into the state of the art Liverpool2 site to build an ocean gateway for international trade to and from the UK. Phase 1 was completed back in March 2016, meaning Liverpool2 would have the capability to manage the unloading of two vessels of 380m at the same time.

With this expansion plan, came the need to increase their perimeter security, alongside the ability to remove fencing in the event of an emergency. Working with the architects on the project, CLD Fencing Systems designed and manufactured an innovative bespoke ground socket fixing system that would allow the entire fencing and gate solution to be installed, removed and altered as required by Peel Ports. 

Peel Ports’ Liverpool2 site benefited from over 3km of CLD Fencing Systems Securus 358 Security Mesh Fencing standing at 2.4m high. This system was ideal for this specific project, as it holds high security properties including anti-scaling, perfect to deter intruders from entering their site. The entire bespoke fencing system was installed by one of Northern based CLD Fencing Systems Approved Contractors.

  • Fencing and Gate Systems

    As the client was preparing for a 2 part expansion programme, they were in urgent need of high security perimeter fencing alongside a bespoke ground socket system. CLD Fencing System supplied the following from their high security range:

    • Securus Security Mesh Fencing; perfect system for this project with its 4mm welded steel wires offering anti-climb features deterring vandals and intruders from scaling the system.
    • Bespoke Ground Socket System in order to provide easier access in case of an emergency.
  • The Brief

    Clear specifications for CLD Fencing Systems were established at the start of this project due to the commencement of phase 1 of their expansion plans:

    • A high security fencing system for their sea port
    • An anti-climb solution to prevent intruders from entering the site
    • A bespoke ground socket system providing access without costly removal of the fencing system in an emergency.

“It is part of our day to day business being able to manufacture and supple a bespoke secure fencing system for what is set to be one of the biggest sea port in the United Kingdom is just one of the many assets we have at CLD Fencing Systems.”

Stewart Plant, Director of Marketing

Benefits of using Securus 358 Security Mesh Fencing:

  • 358 Rigid Mesh
  • Future proof – upgradeable to LPS 1175 SR1
  • 4mm welded steel wires for anti-climb fence panels
  • Full RAL Colours range available
  • High Security Fencing System
  • Ideal for Schools, Business Parks and Secure Units
  • 4mm welded steel wires
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