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Airport protestors – London City Airport

Why water isn’t a sufficient security barrier

Airport Protestor

This morning; Tuesday 6th September 2016 at 5:40am, protestors committed a major security breach of London City airport. The protestors gain access by transiting across the natural barrier of the King George V docks on what is believed to be dinghies, and resulted in occupying the main runway.

Looking at photographs of the main runway, what becomes apparent is the reliance on the water to be a natural security barrier. The below photograph; originally published on twitter by LBC, shows both sides of the runway have no alternative security barrier or airfield physical security other than a steep bank from the water level.

London City Airport

Whilst in years gone by the use of natural barriers may have been sufficient as the threat levels increase so does the need to create a man-made defence against illegal ingress to your site. CLD Fencing Systems has worked with a host of major airports around the world to look at how our systems can prevent or allow for adequate response time in the event of coming under attack.

The cost of this action by the protestors may run into millions of pounds for London City Airport and a full review of its security procedures and perimeter security. It is always worth looking at the potential cost of action when you design your security plan, whilst a high security fencing system with electronic detection would have an initial outlay the ability to have the detection and a known response time to an attack allows the manned response to be a managed resource that has a higher chance of stopping the intruders before they can cause an impact.

Even after an event, fast responses can be installed in limited time such as our FenceSafe system that offers a fully secure temporary fencing solution that can be deployed in hours and removed when the threat level has reduced. To find out more about our High Security products please visit here, or read our case study on our work with Manchester airport here.