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Environmental Fencing Solutions

Thinking and acting responsibly

Environmental responsibility is no longer an option. Every business has to put sustainable development at the heart of its thinking to ensure what we do now is not at the expense of our future.

Helping you make the grade

At CLD, we’re embracing sustainability in every area of our organisation. Our mission is to make sure you meet your environmental obligations when you choose CLD products.

As legal and regulatory requirements become increasingly stringent, we want to help you make the environmental grade.

CLD environmental plans

  • Meeting and improving legislative, regulatory and environmental codes of practice.
  • Developing environmental objectives and monitoring our performance with regular reviews.
  • Partnering suppliers and contractors so we all focus on our environmental responsibilities.
  • Co-operating with government, regulatory bodies and our community.
  • Educating our entire team so everyone acts in environmentally responsible ways

We’re committed to developing sustainable products, to re-cycling and re-using as many materials as we can and to using our energy resources efficiently.

CLD – Taking care of your environment.