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  • Newest advancement to our S Range of Gates, the LockMaster S1 Swing Gates. Tested & certified to LPS 1175 & Secured by Design whilst also blending seamlessly with new or existing fence lines.

  • Introducing the new S Range of Automated Swing Gates, the LockMaster S3 Auto Swing Gate offers the highest level of security for ingress and egress in a cost effective automated gate solution.

  • The latest generation in sustainable and secure hoarding, manufactured from highly durable composite recycled plastic profiles.

  • The United Kingdom’s Largest Manufacturer & Supplier of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems and Security Gates

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  • Protection of our National and International Utilities requires specialist Utilities Fencing Systems… 

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  • The Physical Protection of Data Centres is just as important as the Virtual, that is why our Data Centre Fencing offers the highest levels of Security…

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For over 40 years we have brought innovation to the physical perimeter security industry through our Rigid Mesh Security Fencing Systems and Security Gates. That is just one of the many reasons as to why we have become the United Kingdom’s Largest Manufacturer and Supplier of Rigid Mesh Security Fencing Systems and Gate Solutions.

From General Purpose Fencing to GRP Fencing systems, including Mesh and Railings, our goal is to provide a seamless process from concept to completion for all our clients. Our network of over 120 Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) members will allow you to experience the difference of our Sports Fencing or Low, Medium and High-Security Mesh Fencing systems anywhere around the globe.

Working at every point of the journey allows us to create bespoke fencing designs; included our decorative fencing systems that meet client and installer requirements from aesthetics and ease of installation. Our latest edition to the widest range of Rigid Mesh Security Fencing Systems in the United Kingdom is a Temporary Fencing system that provides the same level of Safety and Security as a permanent fence.

    • High Level Security Fencing

      High Level Security Fencing

      For the ultimate protection our range of High Level Security Fencing is the only one in the world to offer LPS1175 in Profiled Mesh, Twin Wire Mesh and 358 Prison Mesh Fencing Systems...

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    • Sports Fencing

      Sports Fencing

      From MUGA Fencing to Velodromes our extensive range of Sports Fencing offers you the latest developments in security and safety for your sports team and club...

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    • General Purpose Fencing

      General Purpose Fencing

      Our range of General Purpose Fencing includes Profiled V-Mesh systems, Twin-Wire Mesh and Railings for all your projects...

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    • Access Control

      Access Control

      With a full range of Physical Access Control Systems inclduing Swing, Sliding and Bi-Folding Gates in our range we are the first company in the world to offer LPS1175 in both Swing and Cantilever Sliding Gate form...

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    • Decorative Fencing

      Decorative Fencing

      Aesthetics doesn't have to suffer at the hands of security with our Decorative Fencing systems. Bespoke designs help to create a secure demarcation for your next project that needs to Experience the Difference...

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    • Perimeter Security Fencing

      Perimeter Security Fencing

      When you need to secure your Perimeter our range of Profiled, Twin-Wire and 358 Rigid Mesh Perimeter Security Fencing Systems offer protection for Low and Medium Security Projects...

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    • GRP Fencing

      GRP Fencing

      Our GRP Fencing from CLD Fencing Systems is the next evolution in Frangible Radio Transparent or Non Conductive Fencing and Railings. Designed and manufactured in compliance with UNI EN 294 and UNI EN 811 standards.   GRP Fencing, GRP Railings and GRP Gates are perfect for Airports, Chemical Plants, Oil and Gas and Electrical Sites where non conductive GRP Fencing is required. With the added Frangibility of the system they can be used as effective airport perimeter fencing at designated over shoot sites.

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    • Temporary Security Fencing

      Temporary Security Fencing

      Back in 2016 we launched a Revolution in Temporary Security Fencing with FenceSafe, since then we have developed Profiled, Twin Wire and 358 Mesh Temporary Security Fencing systems with matching Swing and Sliding Gates that offer the same security and safety as permanent ones...

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  • Our 15 Year Guarantee
  • Experience the Difference...
  • A quality manufacturer needs to provide an exceptional product and strong aftercare support. When we design our fencing products, one of the key areas is to make sure it’s as maintenance-free as possible. This means that should a panel be damaged; it is both quick and easy to replace that one section of the fence line rather than having to take down a whole run.

    To provide maximum anti-corrosion, we ensure longevity is built in to all our designs and systems. All of our products are galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 and polyester powder coated to BS EN 13438 where appropriate. It is important to us that we can give our customers complete consistency and reliability; to ensure this our ISO 9001 management system measures, develops and controls each part of our process.

    Not only this, but our technical team is available from the start; they will guide you through security issues from the design stage all the way through to completion.

    It is because of this that every product available in our range comes with a fifteen year guarantee, protecting your property long into the future. In doing so we provide long term peace of mind for our customers that meet exacting quality standards.

  • Here at CLD Fencing Systems we are renowned for start-to-finish quality. Providing expert professional help every step of the way; initial product guidance and architectural support to skilled installation by our ACS network, followed by our 15 year guarantee.

    We back exceptional products with dedicated customer service, that is why it isn’t just a tag line. We believe every time you use a CLD Fencing Systems product on your project you will Experience the Difference…

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